Hello and welcome to Statewide Investigations of New Jersey.
My name is Craig Cirafesi, Owner, Operator, and Senior
Investigator at Statewide Investigations.

  • Born and raised in New Jersey and have our main Investigation Branch/Office in the
    Somerville - Bridgewater, Central New Jersey area.  We provide Surveillance &
    Investigative services in every town in New Jersey & Tri-State Area.

  • Since 1998, I Graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal
    Justice, I continued in the Private Investigation field and am now setting the standard in
    the Private Detective Field.

  • Statewide has the most experience, seasoned and talented licensed investigators in the
    State providing Investigative, Surveillance & Litigation Services for well known
    Investigative Agencies & Law Firms.

  • In the last 14 years I have performed well over 75,000, in the field surveillance hours and
    because I love this work so much, I continue to run surveillances everyday.

  • Statewide will provide the most in depth and comprehensive Investigation available in
    the Tri-Sate Area.

  • Statewide uses Tried and Proven Surveillance Methods that are Discreet and effective,
    with a high success rate.

  • Statewide Investigations is staying ahead of the Claimant's, Subject's and Suspects, by
    always developing and maintaining the Leading Edge in Surveillance Techniques and

  • Statewide has established an Easy, Time Saving, Low Cost, quick method of video and
    report submission.  You the client or Investigative Firm will receive Real Time, Video,
    Pictures and Reports from the Field, Immediate and Ready for you.

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New Jersey Private Investigators
New Jersey Private Investigators
New Jersey Private
New Jersey Private Investigator - New Jersey Private Investigations - New Jersey Private Investigators
NJ Private Investigator - NJ Private Investigations - NJ Private Investigators
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*Infidelity - *Cohabitation - *Alimony Reduction - *Child Custody
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*Infidelity -*Cohabitation -*Insurance Fraud - *Child Custody
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