The answers to the most asked Questions
  • How do I pay for the surveillance and know how much money I am Spending?
  • A money retainer is obtained first which all surveillance and services is deducted from. No surveillance or
    service is performed until you, the Client, gives the OK.
  • Example: 4 hours of surveillance at $85 per hour is a retainer of $340 which the surveillance will be deducted
    from. Also if plans change and the surveillance is cancelled the retainer stays fully in tacked, waiting for your next
    opportunity to catch your loved one cheating or in a lie.

  • How do I know when and where to place surveillance on my partner?
  • With our years of experience, we will narrow the window of opportunity  that your loved one is most likely to
    cheat in order not to waste your money and get the important information you need.

  • What and how is the information gathered during a surveillance?
  • All surveillances are Video Documented with still pictures, along with written reports with full details of times,
    places, people encountered, vehicle licensed plates numbers and  more...

  • Is the investigator going to stand out or get caught?
  • Who is going to perform the surveillance?
  • This is our #1 concern.
  • At Statewide, we know that along with the price, getting caught doing this to your loved one is your biggest
  • Statewide understands that if your loved one finds out, It may, ruin or complicate  your life, your family's lives, and
    all relationship and  friend's of the family lives.
  • All surveillance are performed by Licensed investigators. Not with a (rookie) - unexperienced investigator, to
    save the firm cost.
  • Our investigators use tried and proven discreet, techniques that ensure a high success rate. Our investigators  
    know what when and how to run a surveillance with out getting caught.
  • Every detail is looked at, then looked at again and again to ensure you the best discreet and private investigation

  • I previously used another Investigation firm however they took my retainer, ran the surveillance on wasted
    hours that I did not OK.
  • When I call the firm on the days the surveillance was to be performed the firm was not able to tell me what is
    going on with my surveillance.
  • The reports that I did finally received stated their was no activity, when I know for a fact their was activity.
  • How can you help me with this problem?
  • The first thing: Call Statewide now and we will look at the reports and video you received from the other firm to
    help determine the best course of action to retrieve your wasted money and help you with your problem for free,
  • Many of Statewide clients are a direct result of other Investigation firms inexperience. They will claim they're the
    "best investigation firm around" or say  we always use two investigators, to justify their high price.
  • When the surveillance is (burnt up- or the investigator got caught) it is a direct cause from an inexperience field
    surveillance investigator.
  • Usually the person you talk to about running your surveillance has no field experience.
  • The reality of it is, your paying for their high business expenses, which means they will put a low pay investigator
    on your case to increase their profit.
  • Statewide knows how to keep office cost down, so we can provide the highest quality in surveillance services
    and spend the money where it's needed, on the most experienced, seasoned, field investigator in the state.
  • Statewide uses tried & proven investigative methods which provide the most discreet and confidential  service
    possible.  This will ensure, you get what you pay for.
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